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Sunday, April 16, 2006

This Week's Schedule

It occured to me that it would be helpful to have this up here.

Here's the scoop:

Monday, 4/17:
work in site all day, then 4:00 cover crop class at Gate House (cover crop exercise is postponed)
7:00 Anna Lappe & Bryant Terry - optional

Tuesday, 4/18:
8:30 Sexual propagation in site.
2:00 work session

Wednesday, 4/19:
8:30 work session 2:00 work session
4:00 plant sale orientation & work party at Gate house

Thursday, 4/20
8:30 Compost class & demo
2:00 Compost making, ABC in Down, DEF in Up

Friday, 4/21
Mechanical tillage is postponed, we haven't decided yet if we will put another class in that slot ... watch the white board for upcoming details!

Starting n Monday and for the rest of Basic Block, ABC is in Down Garden, DEF is in Up Garden

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