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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Welcome and Compost Article

Greetings To All,
I just set this up, and I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing yet (although I'm sure we can figure it out collectively with time). Anyway, I saw a need for such a space last week. There were things I wanted to share with all of you beyond the fact that I missed orange juice and fresh tomatoes, but I didn't want to spam everyone's e'mail.
For example, the Ventana Chapter of the Sierra Club issued a call for letters to stop UCSC from building faculty housing on wetlands. They've yet to update their website, but I received an e'mail from them last night (Friday) indicating that the planning commision has sided with them. I hope this "faculty housing" turns out to be one and the same as the proposed construction we've heard so much about and that we will be having a much quieter summer than planned!
Also, I just came across this compost article (click on post title), which is relevant to next Thursday's class. Though perhaps not the most sustainable system, they show that adding clay, gypsum and coal dust greatly reduces the loss of nutrients from a compost pile over time.
For now, you can reply to this posting using comments. I can give everyone the ability to post new topics going forward.

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