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Saturday, May 27, 2006

South Central Farmers - Info and Update


I just wanted to post a little something about an inspiring community garden in South Central Los Angeles that I had the privilege of visiting last fall. In the heart of South Central there are 14 acres of land with hundreds of plots that support over 350 families with organic food, community, safety, and self-reliance. The 14 acres was given to the LA County Food Bank and the Community of South Central after the '92 LA Riots, years after the City of LA acquired the land thru eminent domain.

Unfortunately after a lawsuit by some of the original owners and a closed-session meeting of the LA city council in 2003, the city decided to sell the land to the original developers. Please read the stories, view photos and watch some of the videos on the South Central Farmers , LA IMC , and What Can I do to Help?

Please, if you have friends in the LA area or have time yourself, make some phone calls and send some emails.

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