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Monday, June 12, 2006

The Big Issue

Dear Friends,
Many of you have already heard this from me but I am writing this
because I feel very strongly about passing on the

The global warming issue is one that we are all
familiar with, but sadly it is also one of those huge
issues that many of us push to the back of our minds
to think about "later". This might be because we
doubt the science behind whether the issue exists
or don't understand it, or don't know
what we can do about it or are so horrified by the
implications of it that it is to painful to consider
seriously. Whatever the reason, the moment to think
about it seriously and take action has come and
unfortunately, it is long overdue.

What has moved me to write this to you with such
urgency when I know that the reason we are here now
is that we are all aware that we humans need to change the
way that we inhabit this small planet? Well on Saturday I went to watch Al Gore's movie on
Global Warming: "An Inconvenient Truth" and have not
been able to stop thinking about the issue and what i
can do about it since. I had some misgivings about
what the movie would be like due to my inner political
skeptic that never stops asking questions like, "what
is Gore's political agenda with putting this movie
out?". However, while the movie did have more
autobiographical material about Gore than i think was
necessary, my ultimate conclusion about the movie is

"An Inconvenient Truth" spells out the issue with
scientific data and visual evidence in ways that can
only be achieved with access to the sophisticated
technology and imaging systems that are disposable to
someone with enough political and economic leverage
like Al Gore. As a result, those that go to watch the
movie can grasp and understand the issue more clearly
and accurately that ever before. This alone makes the
movie worth watching. More importantly though is the
fact that once presented with the irrefutable,
overwhelming evidence of just how serious global
warming is, we can understand how crucial it is for us
all to take action to stop it now. And by "crucial" I
mean that last year - the hottest year world-wide in
recorded history! - the Arctic ice cap cracked into
two pieces and is melting so rapidly that it could
stop the north Atlantic Current (which regulates
global temperature) from flowing any year now
triggering an ice age within 10 years.

Ya'll, I have done my research on this and am
convinced that this is the most crucial issue of the
moment and that we must act now! I am asking you all
as a personal request to please go and see this movie.
As strange as going to see a movie as part of "taking
action" to stop global warming may be (the message is
not about politics despite the fact the Al Gore is
presenting it), I do believe that it will explain the
issue like you have never heard it before and
hopefully move you to take action. If it does,
continue to spread the message and join me in committing
to take action to address the issue in whatever way we can.
I for one am looking at life and my role as a member of
this country in a whole new way. I plan to start a Politcal
Action Collective (as if we need another committee) to
brainstorm about what we can do as citizens to really help
this issue move forward on the list of priorities in this country.
Hopefully, this will include both excercising our voice within
the system through political lobbying and letter writing
campaigns to our representatives for example, as well as
be a venue for us to continue to share ideas about how to
lessen our footprint through the changes we make in our
own lives. The time to act is now. Our future depends on it.

Thank you for taking me and this message seriously. I
know that we are already overwhelmed with such busy
lives, but don't we all love them enough to take the
steps we must to keep on living them to their fullest?
Think about it.

Please check out and and pass on any more relevant
informaion you may have to me.

Thanks, Cat

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From my May 11th post:
"You can watch the trailer here."


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