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Monday, September 22, 2008

A green thumb for a cause

CASFS's own Amy Rice-Jones, kicking some of the proverbial and taking names in Petaluma, CA. She currently runs Petaluma Bounty's farm and commnity gardens. Petaluma Bounty's goal is to create a sustainable Petaluma food system providing healthy, fresh food to everyone. It was formed in 2006 with initial funding from the Hub of Petaluma Foundation. “There is a lot of food injustice in our society,” says Jones. “The problem isn’t a lack of food but more an issue of equality in distribution of food. There are a lot of families in Petaluma that can’t afford healthy food. Petaluma Bounty is leveling the playing field and making healthy, fresh food available to everyone, especially those who cannot afford to buy organic food. Petaluma Bounty is also about food empowerment. Through our various programs, Petaluma Bounty is enabling families with the skills to grow, cook and eat healthy food.” Full article here.

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