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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Notable Quotes As Requested

• The mind can only absorb what the rear-end can endure.—Orin
• Some times these trees have not gone to school, read the books and thus do not know how to behave.—Orin
• To learn, you must accept some ambiguity.—Orin
• How do you make a small fortune in agriculture? Start with a large one.—Orin
• Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever.—Ghandi
• [Compost is] kind of like democracy, the more diverse the constituent base, the higher the quality of the end product.—Orin
• Caveat emptor: buyer beware of store-bought composts.—Orin
• I feel about the Meyer Lemon the way I do about windsurfing and light beer.—Orin
• The right answer is an expectation not a triumph.—Random Professor
• Learn the difference between maximum and optimum.—Orin
• If wishes were rainbows…blah, blah, blah.—Kara Lee
• All soils are beautiful.—Alan Chadwick
• Working soil is a radical act, you could say it’s a necessary evil, so be careful.—Orin
• Labor $30/hr. If you help $40/hr.—Sign in Old Garages
• Situational ethics.—Orin on pruning someone else’s lilac
• All these factors and others need to be factored in.—Orin
• Working a soil outside its ideal moisture range is bad, let’s make a value judgment…bad.—Orin
• The front end is undoing what the back end is doing.—Jim on tractors
• Get those bunnies, get them out of the system…cute little fellas.—Orin
• No self-respecting rabbit would ever say, ‘Oh, there’s an onion; I’m going to go away.—Orin
• The answer to everything is it depends. The answer in general, life is specific…so i’m not going to answer that question right now.—Orin
• You grow soil, soil grows the crop…Maintain an insane reverence of soil.—Orin
• Take care of the corners and edges and the middle will take care of itself.—Orin
• Would they knew how to share…They don’t.—Orin on gophers
• The best fertilizer is or are the footsteps of the gardener.—Chinese Adage
• What I thought was nobody would buy a dried flower that looks like a paper bag or something.—Orin
• Plant the seed as deep as it is wide.—Dave Shaw
• Potatoes are the most disease-prone thing in the garden. They make roses look disease-free.—Orin
• Aphids have a face too.—Daniel in the vegan strawberry patch
• It never really hurts to stress things a little bit. It’s better to stress than over-water.—Jim
• In the end, it’s not what you know but what you do that matters.—Edd
• Pile it high and watch it fly.—Orin
• [Flowers are] food for the soul as vegetables are food for the body.—Orin
• It’s no longer important to be bright and attractive once you make the connection.—Orin on flowers
• If they can take the sun, they can take my ass.—Amo aprés sitting upon baby broccoli
• If it costs more than $200 it’s a vaaaaaz.—Orin on vases
• In the gold rush, it was the sellers of shovels that were getting rich.—?
• What are we going to have a food riot here? Like in Jail?—Orin
• Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see—Marvin Gaye
• There are certain situations where a quart of Round-Up will save you 200 gallons of diesel.—Jim
• OK. Now I’ve said something about Round-Up so you all think I’m a nozzle-head.—Jim
• Confusion is very easily your visitor.—Hank
• But I am wondering if the compost it isn’t bad for our skin though.—Amo
• Life is always more complicated off of paper.—Julie
• You either have the space or buy the fertilizer.—Julie
• Lawyers make more money than composters.—Marcus
• Certification is not anything that’s going to make people sleep at night.—Marcus
• What’s the C:N ratio of a human body.—Rachel
• I stopped skateboarding when I turned 34 dude.—Amo
• Anybody who thinks migrant labor is taking jobs away from U.S. workers is…misled.—Brendan
• If the whole field looked like this it would be meeting as disc.—Brendan
• Farmers think their job is to grow food. That’s not true, there job is to sell food.—Jim Cochrain
• The universe is a communion of subjects not a collection of objects.—Thomas Barry
• Be good to life, and life will be good to you.—Zach
• A forest eats itself and lives forever.—Poisonwood Bible
• You can’t make money if you’re out of time.—Poppy
• You can grow alliums, or you can grow weeds; you can’t grow both.—Orin
• Agriculture/horticulture is a lot like politics: it’s all local—Orin
• I’m a farmer, and I’m available.—Rachel
• Or…at least that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it…It’s more or less true.—Orin
• A lot of successful gardening is about doing the right thing at the right time with the right thing…or something like that.—Orin
• The shallot is one of the most over-rated things on the planet, almost more that Mozart.—Orin
• Will work for food and fruit and beer.—Sign at Pinnacle Organics
• Sweet as all get up.—Orin on the Music Romano Bean
• This is kind of…the cat shat on it or something…maybe it’s just cinnamon from breakfast…anyway, this…slowly turning into compost…is a picture of the garden.—Orin
• Fingerling potatoes sometimes go astray. Sometimes they look like the space station or elephant seals.—Orin
• You see—though many people find it amusing—it is the garden that makes the gardener.—Big Al Chadwick
• Just because you don’t like math, don’t let someone else take over your life because of it.—Aziz
• Always have partners that compliment you.—Poppy
• If a man finds it necessary to eat garbage, he should resist the temptation to call it a delicacy.—Wendell Barry on pesticides

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