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Monday, April 24, 2006

White Board Update: 4/24-28

Monday: Vandana Shiva comes to dinner in the Farm Center 6PM!!
(get out of site 5:30 PM) She lectures at 7 PM in Classroom 002 (optional)

Tuesday: Manual Tillage
8:30 AM: class & demo
2:00 PM: exercise in site
7:30 PM: History of the Farm & Garden (optional)

Wednesday: Class & Exercise
9:00 AM Soil Fertility, Crop Rotation
2:00 PM Sexual Propogation/Seed-Sowing (in site)

Thursday: Work, Work, Work...Meet
8:30 AM Work Session (***C,F DO NOT go to Field--Do this Tuesday 5/2 in AM instead)
7:30 PM Community Meeting

Friday: More fun in the Sun...

Saturday: Organic Rose Care
10 AM at the San Lorenzo Garden Center (Optional)

Further updates to follow. Send me e'mail, and I'll send out account invites!
Happy Pharming!

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