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Friday, June 09, 2006

Conference in Oct. (in AZ): Role of Higher Education in Creating a Sustainable World

AASHE 2006: The Role of Higher Education in Creating a Sustainable World
October 4-6 (Wed-Fri), Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ

About the Conference

The theme of this North American conference is The Role of Higher Education
in Creating a Sustainable World. AASHE 2006 aims to significantly advance
sustainability efforts in higher education. There will be a special focus on
incorporating all dimensions of sustainability - not just the environment- in decision-making.

The conference is open to participants from every sector of higher education
as well as interested businesses and NGO. Anticipated attendees include
administrators, faculty, students, sustainability practitioners, facilities
officers, operations staff, consultants, vendors, higher education leaders,
government representatives, and many others. The program format will promote
the active exchange of ideas and knowledge through highly interactive
forums, informal networking, and open, facilitated discussion.

Come join this unique and exciting gathering of the higher education
sustainability community. For more information visit

Keynote Speakers
* Ray Anderson
- chairman and founder of Interface, Inc.

* Hunter Lovins
- president and founder of Natural Capitalism, Inc., and co-founder of
the Rocky Mountain Institute.

* Bill McKibben
- author and
scholar whose books include The End of Nature and Hope, Human and Wild.

* Beverly Wright
- founder of the Deep South Center for Environmental Justice.

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