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Sunday, November 26, 2006

CASFS 40th Anniversary

Howdy Farm Family! This is my first post as the gracious admin of the CASFS blog and there is nothing more fitting to post other than info regarding our 40th birthday! Check the CASFS website for updates!

40th Anniversary Celebration Planned for July 27–29, 2007

2007 marks the 40th year of organic training for apprentices at the UCSC Farm & Garden. To honor this milestone and showcase the work of four decades of Apprenticeship alumni, we're hosting a weekend celebration July 27–29, 2007. Come on back for the Back 40 Celebration and get your apprentice classmates to come as well!

July 27, 1909 was the late Alan Chadwick’s birthday, inspiring the choice of July 27-29 for the anniversary of Chadwick’s founding of the UCSC Student Garden Project in 1967. The weekend will include a Friday evening reception, a Saturday symposium of alumni speakers, dinner in the farm fields, poetry and stories in the Garden, alumni farm tours, and much more. The detailed program and registration information for the Back 40 Celebration will be sent to Apprenticeship alumni in early 2007. In the meantime, if you’d like more information about the event, contact Erin Justus at, or call 831.459-3248.

A contact person for each year has offered to help locate apprentices from that year’s group. If you would like to volunteer or want to reach the contact person for your group, please contact call or email Erin Justus. Event information will also be put on our web site as we get more details; see and click on the Back 40 Anniversary Celebration link under Announcements.

Other 40th anniversary events are being planned throughout 2007, including a 40th Kick-off “mixer” at the Ecological Farming Conference in January and some special 40th anniversary editions of Friends of the UCSC Farm & Garden events.

MORE info regarding events at Eco Farm to come! Blessings Mike

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