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Thursday, December 21, 2006

This Issue of COLORS Magazine: Back to Earth (#69)

The magazine COLORS has dedicated this quarterly's issue #69 to "Back to Earth" and this issue is co-published with the SlowFood organization. gorgeous photographs and essays about the noble profession of food production!

the essays are (and seems like you can access them all through their website):
-OceanSong Farm in Sonoma,
-Reindeer farms in Sweden,
-"your wallet decides what kind of salmon the world will eat",
-seed exchange in India: "the government is considering...making informal seed exchanges by small farmers illegal."
-sardine fishermen in Japan,
-mezcal farmers in Oaxaca,
-"track your goat cheese by satellite",
-oil cooperatives in Morocco,
-"I don't understand what you mean when you ask what my favorite food is. i eat the food that is here." (kenya)
-Brooklyn farmers markets,
-manna producers in Italy, only 50 left still know the trade,
-cow urine instead of chemical fertilizers in India,
-plum producers in Palermo: "nobody wants to work anymore. All people want is to sit behind a desk. They smoke and go to the toilet 6 million times a day."
-cheese making in Ireland,
-harvesting grasshoppers (chapulin) in Mexico,
-yak cheese producers in Tibet,
-"What is Slow Food."

(extra bonus: all essays are bilingual in Spanish)
may I say again, wonderful photographs, tear out to put on the walls of the new places you are living and working!

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