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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Intern at OZ FARM, Point Arena Mendocino! (Alix's uncle)

Oz Farm is staffed by a full-time resident manager and three or four interns. The minimum stay for interns at the farm—after a week trial period—is three months, but most stay longer. An intern is assigned a cabin in exchange for 30 hours of work at Oz per week. Intern work is typically a mix of farming and gardening, firewood cutting, trail building/maintenance and other forest management tasks, and cabin maintenance. While prior farm experience is definitely desirable, mainly we are interested in highly motivated self-starters.

Oz Farm grows some 45 varieties of unusual antique apples in its espalier-style orchard as well as a wide variety of vegetables and flowers (Organic Produce). Most of our produce is sold through Farmers' Markets, organic wholesalers, restaurants, and local schools, but we also operate a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program that provides weekly boxes of seasonal produce to local subscribers.

Oz Farm has been a California Certified Organic Farm (CCOF) operation since 1990 and a licensed retreat center in Mendocino County since the mid-1970s. We also do a modest amount of sustainable timber harvesting (Forest Management).

Oz Farm is located in the Garcia River valley, about a 15-minute drive northeast of Point Arena, California, and a three-hour drive north of San Francisco (Map & Directions). The farm lies six miles upriver from the ocean in coastal Mendocino County's cool temperate zone. Summer mornings and evenings can be foggy, but days generally warm up enough for river swimming. Winters can be very rainy.

In addition to our farming focus, Oz Farm's cabins and facilities are frequently rented for family gatherings and weddings, and as a retreat by groups engaging in meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, cooking, art, river studies, environmental activism and the like (Retreats & Cabins). Retreat groups are drawn to Oz because of its quiet beauty, and interns are expected to respect this peaceful atmosphere.

If you are interested in applying for an internship, please send a one-page letter describing your interests and background to: Oz Interns, 201 Buena Vista Avenue East, San Francisco, CA 94117. We mainly want to know what you would like to do on a farm and what you can offer. Thanks!

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