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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Public Hearing This Week!!

From my friend Adelia:
Dear Friends & Neighbors,

I just wanted to let you local folks know that a public hearing is being held this Wednesday about the proposal to log a large area in the Los Gatos Creek watershed. Many agencies and scientists have filed official objections to the plan, including three prominent academic fire scientists, the Dept. of Fish and Game, the CA Water Quality Board, Mid-Peninsula Open Space District, and the County of Santa Clara (who has hired biologists, geologists,and foresters who have all filed objections).

The important thing to know is that San Jose Water Company is asking for a logging permit that will allow them to go back into the same area "in perpetuity". This is not a logging proposal that will be completed in 3 years, this will set the management objectives for much of the Los Gatos watershed for potentially our lifetimes, and either make or break the opportunity to turn much of the area into publicly accessible open space.

The public hearing is really the only opportunity for public comment, and it's very important to have a large showing. Please see the NAIL Website for the time and location as well as more information.

Please lend your support by showing up on Wednesday and thank you for listening!


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