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Friday, June 01, 2007

National Farmer Awards!

CALL FOR NOMINATIONS: National Harvest Awards!
Recognize farmers and others doing great work in sustainable food systems

This is a great opportunity to nominate someone you know that is
doing great work in sustainable ag/ food systems work. Please pass
on this announcement to anyone who may be interested. Nominations
are due by July 10, 2007.

Please help us recognize outstanding work in sustainable food
systems by nominating someone whose work you admire.

Glynwood Center's 5th Annual National Harvest Awards will recognize
innovative farmers, organizations, and businesses from across the
U.S. that are doing an exceptional job of supporting sustainable,
regional food systems. The goal is to encourage this growing movement
by inspiring others to take action within their own

This year's categories include a Farmer Award, Good Neighbor Award,
and Connecting Communities, Farmers & Food Award(more info on
categories below). Nominations must be postmarked by July 10, 2007
to be considered. For nomination forms and more information,
please go to or
contact Kim Vargo at kvargo@glynwood.orgor (845) 265-3338.

Awards winners will be honored at celebrations at Glynwood Center
and in New York City in October 2007. Accommodations and travel
expenses will be provided free-of-charge to all winners. Glynwood
Center will also coordinate media coverage. This is a great
opportunity to recognize someone that inspires you.

Award Categories:
1. The Glynwood Harvest Farmer Award is awarded to a farmer who has
developed a sustainable farming operation and built effective
relationships within his or her home community and other places
where the food is eaten. 2.The Glynwood Harvest Good Neighbor Award is awarded to an
individual or organization that has helped sustain regional
agriculture in new and effective ways. 3.The Glynwood Harvest Connecting Communities, Farmers, and Food
Award is awarded to recognize outstanding work that unites farmers
and other community residents in building a local food system.

Nominations must be postmarked July 10, 2007.

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