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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Why the NAIS Must Be Stopped

The Environmental Conservation Organization has just released a presentation on Why the National Animal Identification System must be stopped. This massive federal program has been under development since at least 2002, has already used more than $138 million, and is currently being imposed upon livestock animal owners - with no legislative authority. The USDA first annnounced that the program would be mandatory, with stiff fines imposed for non-compliance. A rebellion, of sorts, among animal owners, forced the USDA to re-think its strategy, and announce that the program would be "voluntary." Nevertheless, by awarding grants to - some would say by "bribing" - certain non-government organizations, the program is being imposed through coercion and the denial of services to people who are not registered in the "voluntary" program. Currently, this program is represented in section 10305 of the Senate's version of the Farm Bill . The Liberty Ark Coalition is working hard to get Senators to delete this section in the Farm Bill. This new presentation provides extensive detailed information that will arm you to better influence your Congressman, and your state legislators.

Please take a few minutes and view this important presentation here. You can also view the Liberty Ark Coalition presentation on the same topic here or use their "citizen action tools" to email or fax a letter to congress.

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