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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Four Season Farm, Harborside, Maine

CASFS Alums and Alums to be,
This just in from Barbara Damrosch and Eliot Coleman of Four Season Farm.
"We have decided to take a one-year break from running the vegetable operation in order to finally get our pastures into shape and put up the long-awaited animal barn. We would then reopen again in 2010 with a slightly smaller vegetable output, and no direct sales to chefs, just to stores and our own farm stand. Eliot would, however, be open to letting a really enterprising person run the vegetable farm next summer on a limited basis just to keep the stand open, so as not to disappoint loyal customers and the neighbors who have been selling art and craft items at the stand gallery. He, she or they (it could be a group of people) would run it at their own expense but under Eliot's direction, and take home whatever profit they made."
This is a pretty amazing opportunity, and I hope someone takes them up on it. I worked on their farm for three years, and it's truly a slice of Eden. If anyone's interested or has questions, contact me at and I can pass on your contact information.

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