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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Gardening vs. Obesity

A bit of light vs. dark here:

1st--This 2009 Report from the National Gardening Association on The Impact of Home and Community Gardening In America shows that 37 percent or "43 million U.S. households plan[ed] to grow their own fruits, vegetables, berries, and herbs in 2009—that's up 19 percent from 36 million households in 2008." The report also looks at the demographics of these home-gardeners, their crop-selection, and productivity.
Download and read the full report here.
(Thanks Martha for the hat tip!)

2nd--A new report, F as in Fat: How Obesity Threatens America’s Future 2010 contains some disheartening news about the Country's expanding midriff. The obesity rate increased in 28 States over the past year. "38 States have adult obesity rates above 25%. (No State had an obesity rate above 20% in 1991.)" "19.1% of people in Colorado are obese, the lowest rate of any State." Read more of the report's major findings here or download the full report here.

Click on the image below to access an interactive version from the F as in Fat website.

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